How Facebook Can Make a Lot More Money

What would happen if Facebook would direct all Buzzfeed, Upworthy, et. al. headlines to boring 404 error pages. How is a consumer to survive the despair?

Luckily, they can offer to sell you a premium account which will allow you to click through to all the juicy content. Never be teased with another headline again, only to encounter disappointment at the end. Be the master of lists and surprising reasons. Free yourself to the gratification of seeing all the videos you will not believe. All for $10/month. Continue reading

Passion for the Process, Not the Result

We all want results. Yet the passion for results is not what will drive us to achieve feats of greatness that surprise and astonish even ourselves. It comes from a dedication and a passion for the passion.

The amazing results we create are the combined output of all the little things we do prior. When we are driven to take action and followthrough with all the steps, the final product will begin to take shape. Without a passion for the process, we will stumble as we step, instead of confidently striding forward. And you can forget about any result. Continue reading

Always Deliver Value

There are a few things that separate the mediocre from the good, and the good from the excellent. Value delivered is a good indicator. How much value does your presence bring to those around you?

Whether you’re a business or just an individual, the value you delivers to other shapes their perception. The more value, the better the perception. It’s important to take all action from this perspective. Continue reading

late clock

Learning to Keep My Word

I am lazy about keeping my word. Whether it’s my tardiness or forgotten commitments, I have been flagrantly irresponsible many times at doing what I said I will do.

Sometimes it’s as ingrained as me lacking the empathy to understand how my flakiness affects the other person; while other times it’s as simple as me making careless promises without considering if I will expend full energy to keeping that promise. Continue reading

coming together

The Importance of Setting Higher Standards

We constantly view our lives through a lens attuned to relative value. We have grown adept at navigating expectations which guide us in figuring  our perceived worth among our peers and context. Many times, however, we forget how much power we have over these expectations that are set upon us. The realization comes from understanding the role that standards play in our lives. When we set higher standards, we increase our value. Continue reading